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Training Courses
All my trainings are customized. I create pre-workshop surveys for the participants to uncover their particular needs. My courses are dynamic, interactive, and fun. I use teaching modalities that respect all types of learning styles: audio, visual, kinesthetic, and verbal. I utilize lecturettes (short mini-lectures), role-playing, self-assessment exercises, facilitated discussion, small group exercises, and a variety of classroom assessment techniques. My written materials incorporate checklists, tips, and strategies.

Training Course Options

01. Communication:

Barriers to Listening
Active Listening
Assertive Communication
Advanced Communication Skills
How to Have Those Difficult Conversations
Getting People out of Left Field and Back into Reality-The Art & Science of Productive Communication
Dealing With High Levels of Emotion & Anger

02. Conflict Management Competencies:

Approaches to Conflict and Conflict Resolution
Working with a Variety of Conflict Styles and the People Who Use Them
The Art and Science of Negotiation
Negotiating and Collaborative Problem Solving Skills
Power Balancing - Identifying and Leveraging Sources of Power
Creating Safe Spaces for Conflict Resolution
Creating & Honoring Personal Boundaries
Dealing with the Difficult, the Really Difficult and the Just Plain Ugly- Tactics to De-escalate, Validate, Navigate, and Problem Solve

03. Workplace Trainings:

Fostering a Respectful Workplace
Respect- What Is It, What Does It Look Like, How Do We Demonstrate It, What Do If We Feel It Is Missing?
The Art of Everyday Workplace Negotiations
Mediation Skills for Managers and Supervisors
Conflict Management for Teams
Fostering a Respectful Workplace

04. Special Interest Trainings:

The Cultural Diversity of Conflict
Mediation Ethics for Attorneys

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