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Professional Recommendations

"Carol Bowser is a unique person possessing many incredible skills and competencies as a coach, mediator, trainer and trusted advisor. I have observed Carol in many situations and have always found her to display a wonderful balance between achieving results/solutions for her clients and encouraging a supportive and inviting process that builds mutual responsibility, accountability and open transparency for change. I highly recommend Carol for any business opportunity where there is not only the challenge of conflict but also the goal of achieving results but additionally engaging participants in the change process as well."

Ron Dohr, Ph.D. & Certified Mediator

"Carol offered some very valuable action plans that allowed our company to improve intra-company relationships structure, communication, recognition of differing cultures and management styles."

Heidi Huebner, HR Manager

"Bright, energetic, passionate, insightful. The go-to person for partnering with you to manage your workplace conflict. Get to her when the going gets tough- or even better yet-before then for training and consultation to develop your company's capacity for handling conflict."

Jeff Bean, Beyond the Courthouse Mediation

"Carol is particularly successful at resolving business conflict situations because, in addition to her exceptional professional experience in conflict management, she brings outstanding business and legal understanding to the situation. She applies her unique insights gained from working with numerous business, family and workplace staff conflicts to each situation. She invests her energy, humor and common sense style to assure an effective resolution for her clients."

Sam Pederson, Management Consultant and Executive Coach

"I have had the privilege of hiring Carol to conduct several conflict resolution trainings in various professional settings. She is a great presenter and really engages the audience. She approaches the subject in a way that makes learning fun, even when dealing with touchy issues.

I first met Carol when I completed a 40 hour mediation training in which she was the main presenter. I walked away with knowledge that I will be able to retain throughout my entire career because of the teaching methods she used. Carol is very liked by her audience and has always been a pleasure to work with. I sincerely recommend Carol for employment, training, presenting or any other professional endeavor."

Lorraine Viers, SPHR - HR Manager

"Carol Bowser is an exceptional presenter who uses humor and real-world examples in her training. Participants leave with practical strategies and resources to effectively respond to conflict in the workplace. Carol has the rare gift of delivering key concepts in a way that captures the minds and hearts of her audience."

John Paulson, Director of HR

"Carol has keen insights about conflicts and is adept at resolving them as a mediator and consultant. She is also a creative and engaging speaker about conflict resolution strategies."

Marty Hawkins, Owner, Synergy Consulting

"Carol volunteered to be a guest speaker in my Employment law course. She lectured the class on how to handle employee relation issues in the workplace. Further she shared her unique insights on how to influence leadership. My class was very satisfied with her excellent presentation."

Dr. James Neblett, SPHR, GPHR, Professor of HR

Seminar Participants

What No One Taught You
Pierce County Credit Union

"I wanted to take a minute to share with you something that happened at last month’s breakfast. Our students come from all over Pierce County and all have had different life experiences. The topic I believe had to do with conflict resolution and listening. This topic proved beneficial to one of the servers. She was going through a rough patch at home and some issues with her kids school. She used the techniques she learned from the presentation for various meetings over a two week period. She was overcome with how well she was able to get her message across and also was amazed about what she heard when she listened.
This is a great example of enriching life skills and a great partnership.

Thank you!"

Using your BRAIN
ICESW Leadership Conference

Participants shared that they learned:

•  To take the time to ask the why and analyze the situation. Negotiate more. Great session - I will use BRAIN with work and personal life.

•  Wonderful articulation of strategic approach to decision making. Will definitely use to take a step back and make thoughtful decisions.

•  This is something I can (and have) applied immediately. I have already been working on the ACTION items Carol gave us at the end of her hour.

•  The whole process guides in effectively assessing the situations and possible solutions. It was refreshing to incorporate intuition and the option of ‘
•  doing nothing’

•  The whole process of BRAIN is great. I learned something that I can apply to my life as well as work. I usually shy away from conflict instead of meeting it head on. Now I have a way of processing and tackling conflict in a positive way.

You Can't Stop the Waves, But You Can Learn to Surf.
How to Address Conflict and Maintain Community

Charles Wright Academy
Presentation to Upper School Faculty

"Your sense of humor made the time enjoyable."

"It was very helpful-excellent examples; everything was presented in a clear, concise way.a very dynamic and interesting speaking style."

"Practical references to real-world experiences"

"Made the importance of [conflict resolution] skills very relevant to our situations."

Beyond Legal
Conflict Management to Avoid Professional & Legal Entanglements

Association of Washington School Principals -

"I learned a lot and enjoyed the day."

"I liked the insights we received about ourselves. The more self-awareness, the more we can help others."

"Very well presented-obviously very knowledgeable."

Managing Conflict in the Workplace
Or How to Bathe a Cat

Safeco Insurance -

"Practical suggestions that can be applied directly to the workplace."

"I found [Carol] to be an energetic speaker. She understood her topic well and used a good balance of audience participation."

"I very much enjoyed Carol's presentation and the energy she brought to the room. The audience interaction allowed each person to get something out of it on an individual level."

Dealing with Explosive Situations
Skills to Diffuse Anger and Work Toward Resolution or How to Deal with Difficult People.

Puyallup School District

"The workshop provided skills needed to enhance my ability to provide a safe and secure working environment for both staff and students"

Conflict Communication Skills

HELP Conference
Washington School Personnel Association -

"Great strategies and resources; new thinking and learning for me."

"Excellent content"

"Energetic, Knowledgeable, interactive and respectful."

"What an amazing lady. I can't wait to use this stuff!"

University of Phoenix Instructor Evaluation

"Carol did an exceptional job of integrating learning with having fun and students came away with the satisfaction of success and learning accomplishment. Underlying Carol's success is her unbridled passion for the material and teaching, a practical understanding of the content, a personal empathy for the students and their learning, and a strong organization of the material into a logical sequence of presentation. "

AC Schwark
Campus College Chair
Undergraduate Business and Management
University of Phoenix

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