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Please contact us if you are interested in any of these available seminars, or if you have a custom seminar request. Below are available seminars Carol has presented in the past.

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5 Simple Questions
That solve problems, build relationships and get the job done

We all know that communication and collaboration are essential to solving problems, building productive working relationships and working as a team to get the job done. Yet, very few organizations have an easy to duplicate, not too hard to remember, effective method for accomplishing collaboration. 5 simple questions change all of that. 5 questions that embody empathy, acknowledgement, problem solving, organizational values, and a movement to action. Pretty amazing.

Assertive Communication
For nice people

The ability to be assertive when necessary in the workplace is critical. Employees need to know when and how to maintain a professional demeanor and gracefully exit conversations when necessary. Yet, often we don’t know how to articulate our needs without going over the top. The result is that we may not advocate for ourselves or become a victim of an overly aggressive patron. This course will provide process and tools to effectively, gracefully, and appropriately advocate.

Using your B.R.A.I.N.
Get your ideas heard when the stakes are high and time is short

When everyone around you is crazy busy, how can you present your ideas in a way that is meaningful, well thought out, and responsive to your team’s needs? EASY. Use your B.R.A.I.N.
B.R.A.I.N. is a quick, easy, and powerful tool to effectively present your ideas. In a competitive environment that demands the best idea wins, use this technique to get ahead of the pack.

What No One Taught You
About Workplace Communications but everyone expects you to know

Successful communication at work involves more than making an effort to be a better listener. Success depends on the other person being able to hear and understand what you are trying to get across -without being loud or rude. However, the most common barrier to successful communication at work is a difference in styles of communication.

The Secret Sauce
For workplace Conflict Resolution

As professionals in customer and support services, you know that a huge part of the job is handling hot button conversations. Of course you already know the importance of Active Listening, Validating Concerns, Managing Expectations, and Problem Solving, but do you know about the “Secret Sauce”? The “Secret Sauce” is the ability to know what is really going on under the surface. It is the VALUES conversation. You have had the VALUES conversation many, many times. Each time you hear “It is the principle of the thing!” or “It just isn’t right …” or “I am willing to go all the way to resolve this” or “You will hear from my lawyer!”, a VALUES conversation was happening.

And conflict in the workplace

The workplace is a melting pot of generations and cultures. Employers expect employees to recognize and adapt to its way of interacting and addressing the tensions and conflicts that naturally arise out of working relationships. However, the average person does not recognize the signals that the tensions are not a ‘personality problem’ but a ‘culture clash’.

Respectful Workplace
How to create it

A respectful workplace is full of successful and respectful communication. It involves more than making an effort to be a better listener. Success depends on the other person being able to hear and understand what you are trying to get across - without being loud or rude. However, the most common barrier to successful communication at work is a difference in styles of communication. Communication clashes lead to perceptions of lack of respect and allegations of unfair treatment. Explore the interplay of communication styles and team dynamics while fulfilling compliance requirements.

Embarrassment, Entitlement and Power
The 3 Trolls under the bridge in Workplace Disputes

Issues of Embarrassment, Entitlement, and Power are always present in employment disputes - from the employer, employee and sometimes from management. Embarrassment, Entitlement, and Power are visible in high levels of emotion, conflict that never gets resolved, poor performance, and high levels of turnover. Spend some time with Carol Bowser and learn how to recognize each of these “trolls” and what you can do to slay them.

And Who Are You?!?
What Cats, Chaos Theory, Kumbaya, and Major League Baseball tell us about Teams, Teamwork, Managing Expectations and Avoiding Conflict at Work”

How many times you heard that tired phrase “not a team player”? If it is so obvious what it is to be a “Team Player” why are there so many seminars, books, webinars, etc on how to get people to be a “Team Player”? If it is so easy to achieve a sense of team, why isn’t every organization an exemplar of stellar performance and a conflict free work zone?
Maybe it is because the benchmarks for a “Team Player” depend on what archetype of team your organization has either selected or defaulted too.

Top 10 Tips for Dealing with Conflict at Work
What Leaders really need to know

Did you ever wonder what experts in workplace conflict know that you don’t? There are 10 common factors that lead to the vast majority of workplace tension and trip up even the most well-intentioned leaders. Unless you know what these sources of conflict are, your employees’ confidence in your competence as a leader is undermined. Come learn from Carol Bowser of Conflict Management Strategies, Workplace Conflict Expert, US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Mediator, and Former Employment Law Attorney. Walk away with new insight that will allow you to make better choices.

Adventures in Creating a Collaborative Workplace
How to Herd Cats, Smash Silos without Burning Bridges or Hurting Feelings

It sounds so simple “work collaboratively for greater business success and client satisfaction.” The daily reality, however, is not so easy. It is a challenge to bring together a diverse group of people who all may have different solutions, different skill sets, and different levels of comfort in having crucial conversations. In fact it is often like simultaneously herding cats, smashing silos while not burning bridges or hurting feelings.

Recognizing and Overcoming Obstacles
To Create an Amazing Workplace and Supportive Work Culture

Workplace culture is defined and reinforced everyday by everyone. Yet, opinions differ as to what makes a workplace OK vs. great or barely functioning vs. amazing. A common denominator in any productive, supportive, inclusive and not “crazy-making” workplace is the ability to give and receive feedback AND to work with individuals who challenge you.

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