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Mediated Conversations
Sometimes just providing training isn't enough; people get "stuck." Tensions are high. People are frustrated. Sometimes individuals just need a guide and a safe place to talk about how to move a working relationship forward.

These are the times for a mediated conversation. In a mediated conversation, Carol works with the parties to uncover key concerns, structure an agenda and help move people through a conflict resolution process. Generally, the mediated conversations are confidential and any solutions are done by mutual agreement.

Carol began her mediation career in 1994 through training at the Pierce County Center for Dispute Resolution. The training was a huge influence on her life and professional career. Carol often jokes that she "Got the taint of a mediator before I got the taint of a lawyer and that made all the difference." She has mediated hundreds of cases with particular emphasis on employment matters and working relationships. She trains others in mediation skills as well. Carol served as Mediator for the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission from 2004-2009.


I just wanted to thank you for your help. There are several techniques you've talked about that have really been helping and having you there to get us through the roughest conversations made all the difference in the world. In general things are going much better, I am much happier, and there have been far fewer days with conflicts. Even when stuff does come up it feels like we all have better tools to deal with it. Your help has made a huge difference in my life and probably the future of South Sound 911's development team.

Thanks again,

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