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Conflict Coaching
Most people are not comfortable with conflict, and even the best employees can struggle with managing tension within their work groups.

Individuals well equipped to manage themselves within a working relationship are more likely to perform well and operate as part of an effective team.

As an expert in the causes of workplace conflict, Carol works one on one with individuals who want to strengthen their conflict resolution muscles. Carol works with clients to establish goals and benchmarks, utilizing a variety of assessment tools.

Coaching sessions are confidential (unless agreed upon otherwise).

Common Coaching Topic Areas Include:

•  Transitioning from manager to leader
•  Sources of workplace conflict
•  Managing intra-team conflict
•  Identifying your leadership style
•  How to influence when you have little authority
•  Mediation skills for leaders
•  Communication skills
•  Instilling trust
•  Facilitating team success
•  Increasing adaptability
•  Managing others
•  Managing expectations
•  Having uncomfortable conversations

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